We could have been lying on white sand under palm trees on a Thai beach resort soaking up the sun…

Instead we have chosen to spend a few days at the Baltic coast or ‚Ostsee‘.

We were prepared for a choppy sea and a moody atmosphere. We were prepared for rain. We were prepared for snow.


Heiligendamm pier

What we weren’t prepared for was sun and a beautiful light. And the freezing cold. The world is an icebox and our hotel room is our refuge. Literally. At -10 degrees and with an added wind-chill factor, it’s hard to be out for more than 15 minutes at a time. All the warm clothing and layering doesn’t really seem to help. Which explains why I choose to look like a strange eskimo.


But when we make it out, it’s beautiful. Bright, wintry days. Just as it should be. Short promenade walks with the sound of waves crashing to shore. The call of seagulls. The sight of ships in the harbour. Old lighthouses. Ice-cream shops closed up for the season. Warming up over steaming cups of tea.


The lighthouse at Warnemünde


Warnemünde harbour

There is a sense of romance to the place and a slowness to time. The perfect setting for some precious time together as a family of 3 at the start of what promises to be an eventful year.