After 6 months away from home, I was finally back for a break. The longer I live in Germany, the more the UK seems like a completely different world to me.

If it votes to leave the EU in a few weeks, it truly will be a different world for me and my family.

All the same, I get a  ‚it’s so good to be home feeling‘ every time I set foot on UK soil.

And absence makes me want to explore the country even more.

Time is always short, but we had the chance to make a couple of day trips – both funnily enough to Welsh towns this time.

We spent a wonderful family day at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival. Bill Clinton famously called it  „the Woodstock for the mind“.

Well, this time we visited with my niece and nephews and all in all our pack of 4 under 3-year olds. Our consumption of the literary content on offer might have been minimal but we did meet writer Julia Donaldson of ‚Gruffalo‘ fame.  And the bunting-clad tents and make-shift stages, lawns scattered with sun-loungers and wooden walkways made for the best playground for the kids.


There was an opportunity for putting on my walking boots too, with a beautiful walk up ‚table mountain‘ (all 451 meters of it) in the Breacon Beacons from the little village Crickhowell.

Despite having become almost accustomed to the breathtaking Southern German landscape, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by fields of green, wander through quaint market towns, eat supper in a pub and to revel in the Britishness of it all.