I’m coming to realise that I have paid less attention to the plight of women around the world than I should.

Perhaps because I was lucky enough to be raised by 2 Indian parents who encouraged both their little boy and little girl equally to fulfill their potential, follow their aspirations and develop their talents.

Perhaps because I see that the important men in my life have chosen strong, intelligent women to be at their side.

Perhaps because I chose a man who has always regarded me as capable of almost anything, in times when I would doubt myself.

Perhaps because I  choose to take a positive view of the world over one in which I consider my personal failures and set-backs based purely on a background of discrimination against gender or race.

Perhaps through naivity. Perhaps through ignorance.

Increasingly I see the differences in my world of work. On the world’s political stage. How hard the battle is for women in our poorest nations. That steps backwards, such as the decriminalisation of wife-beating in Russia and the rise of Donald Trump in America, are at any time just as possible if we take the fight for equality for women for granted.

Suddenly feminism, the women’s march and world international women’s day have a new relevance for me. So happy international women’s day – for the progress of women in society so far and to the battle ahead.