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Munich, you have been so good to us

It’s hard to sum up our time here in Munich without becoming nostalgic. We came here young (ish) and fresh, passionate about the jobs we came to do and so keen to explore the city and its surroundings. We came here knowing no-one and leaving our very first home together behind.

And oh what a beautiful, messy, lively, enriching and extraordinary 4 years it has been.

Our feet have trampled on more bits of Bayern soil than we could have imagined. We have swum in lakes, climbed mountains, tasted the southern specialities and drunk the delicious beer.

Our guest book is full entries from family and friends who have shared in our Munich experience.

We’ve been reminded yet again, that good friends can be made everywhere, you just have to be open and yes, sometimes have that little bit of luck.

We built a happy home for 2 and leave as a family of 4.

The last couple of weeks have felt like a lap of honour. Munich, you have been so good to us. I will carry so much away, that I know that I have no right to be sad to leave.



Dreaming of spring

An afternoon spent in the pleasant greenhouses at the Munich botanical gardens was an unexpected and lovely remedy to the current cold winter snap.

Just take a seat, breathe in the sweet smelling fragrance and remember that the romance of spring is just around the corner.

And who knew that Camelias were quite so pretty?

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