The music I listen to is fairly diverse: the silky voices of jazz singers in the 30s and 40s for melancholy days, tidying up the flat to french and german hip-hop, dancing to funk, soul and electro and attending orchestra and chamber concerts in churches and music halls. Amidst all of this, there is always a place  for a good pop track. Most pop songs are bearable, easy on the ear and standard, a few grating and some plain terrible. You sort of know you are getting older when pop music seems less and less interesting. Every once in a while though, one pops up which has a new sound which stands out from the rest.

At the moment I am a fan of  the edgy beat, mature vocals and fun text of Royals by Lorde and the vulnerability and sweetness of Wings by Birdy. Even more impressive is how remarkably assured the 16 year-old Kiwi and the 17 year-old Brit seem, despite their tender age.