There seems to be something about Munich. The number of visits from family and friends to see us have steeply increased since our move down south. Which has been a great way to get to know the city better. The city has such a mix of activities on offer, that it’s possible to tailor the weekend programme for each individual guest, without a sense of repetition. Fine dining and cocktail drinking, old-town tours, long strolls along the English gardens, day-trips to the surrounding lakes and mountains, rainy day museums and galleries – all in all have made for some wonderful weekends with treasured people.

This weekend was something extra special though. Our visitors came in the additional form of 2 pint-sized toddlers (my little nephew and niece). My usual programme of sleeping-in followed by a leisurely breakfast was not going to cut-it. And my inexperience with hanging out with little kids meant that I was initially a bit stumped in my planning.

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But now on a Sunday evening, the clatter of tiny feet, the clunk-clunk of the wooden bee and caterpillar being pulled across the kitchen floor and the occasional inexplicable bursts of tears are gone and I’m left with a feeling that the weekend was a success (and also that the flat is a little quiet). And the conclusion that as far as big cities go, Munich seems to be a child-friendly one.

The pavements were wide enough for our double buggy, the underground was not so crowded as to make it unbearable, and there were patches of green close at hand to allow the kids to run around when they needed to. The weekend was full of simple pleasures –  breakfasts greeted by happy and playful faces (which more than made up for the slightly earlier start to the day), picnicking in the garden, playing in parks and afternoon naps. Not to mention that it also gave us an opportunity to visit the excellent zoo in Munich. With the highlight being another couple of toddlers: of the polar bear variety.

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