My blogger friend over at has been filling out a short but telling ‚end of year questionnaire‘ for many years. I’m hoping she won’t mind if I use her format to start my own end of year analysis. Here I go:

Gained or lost weight?

Gained weight recognisably for the first time in my adult life, and a copious amount of it!

Hair shorter or longer?

More or less the same.

Short-sighted or long-sighted?

Still short-sighted, but with a rather great new pair of  hipster glasses.

Spent more or less? 

Definitely more. Moving home is an expensive business.

The nuttiest plan? 

I believe I am as sensible as ever.

The most dangerous undertaking? 

Probably getting back on my bicycle. But Munich is a city which lends itself to cycling and there’s no better feeling than arriving at work on your bike fresh-faced and ready to go.

The most expensive purchase? 

Furniture for the new flat. Worth every penny.

The tastiest food? 

My mum’s cooking (sadly don’t get to eat it as much as I would like). Anniversary dinner in Mallorca. And every  invitation to eat at the table of the talented @thorstenfirlus.

The most impressive book?

Alice Munro’s ‚Dear Life‘. I don’t normally read short stories, but this collection blew me away.  And ‚Love in a Cold Climate‘ from Nancy Mitford – when not exactly the most impressive, a wonderful present and such a pleasurable read, with more than a few lessons in life and love.

The most moving film?

The Broken Circle on itunes. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

The best song?The best concert? 

Lots of nice ones from the Munich Symphony orchestra and the Bayerischer Rundfunk orchestra in lovely new concert halls.

The most time spent at…? 

The hospital.

The best time spent with…? 

So many wonderful days spent with family and friends, in the company of @smatthes.

Predominant feeling from 2014?

The year started with a sense of unpredictability, brought lots of newness and comes to a close with a feeling that everything is just as it was meant to be.

The first time in 2014?

Being a resident of Munich. Becoming pregnant. Taking a long walk in the snow. Eating a Germknödel and Leberkäse. Living in a country that won the world cup.

Done again after a long time in 2014? 

Moving home, after 5 great years in Düsseldorf. Making music regularly again – with our lovely piano at home and my new choir.

3 things, I could have done without?

The year wasn’t so bad, but at a push: unpacking boxes, early-pregnancy tiredness (even if it could have been a lot worse), spending a part of almost every holiday on my dissertation.

The most important thing that I wanted to convince someone of?

This year, probably to give me a job. It worked.

2014 in one word?