IMG_20131020_193838On a tip from an acquaintance, I ended up at one of the organ concerts taking place as part of the International Düsseldorf Organ Festival. Who would have known that Düsseldorf has almost 200 organs of concert standard? The festival programme (spanning over 5 weeks!) looks rich, varied and quirky with performances combining the organ with guitar, folk singing, drums and even the didgeridoo and spans from traditional church music to jazz and opera. Presumingly aiming to get more people interested in the instrument.

Although organs are invariably associated with the church, they are reported to have been built in the centuries before Christ, where initially water was used to pump air through the pipes. Known as the ‚king of instruments‘, it can can produce the lowest and highest notes of all instruments.

At the end of another glorious autumnal weekend, as the evening drew, there was something cosy  and fitting about sitting in the back row of a church, wrapped up in a shawl listening to works by Verdi and Wagner conveyed by the single and multiple, both soothing and terrifying, tones of the organ.