Maternity leave starts officially tomorrow and I realise that it has been a very long time since I have had the prospect of such a stretch of time to myself. And what is the first thought that comes into the head of a doctor? That’s a good time to prepare for an exam. We just can’t help it.

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Last weekend saw the rewarding completion of another project. The pleasure of learning the beautiful melodies of Mendelssohn’s Elias has accompanied me through much of the autumn and winter and the performance, when it finally arrived, was a thrill and a self-proclaimed success. A packed audience at the beautiful great hall of the Ludwig-Maximilian’s University in Munich made for an impressive setting.

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And the central project of maternity leave has not been completely forgotten. There’s finally time for a yoga class, swimming, making an attempt to prepare the nursery and deciding which bits of the 100 recommended things to buy for your baby are really necessary and which are not. And hopefully a little more blogging.