photo (75)And suddenly there are three of us. And life has a different tempo. And life has a different focus. It’s our 7th day of getting to know little Erik. And it’s a pleasure never known. This tiny, helpless creature who is completely reliant on us for everything has changed our life for ever.

You won’t find a birth story here. But safe to say, it was every bit as painful and uncomfortable as I had imagined. But the crash course ante-natal class back on a snowy weekend in January, which at the time seemed so abstract, stood us in good stead. And with my husband at my side, it really felt like teamwork.

I’ve read somewhere about new mothers losing their sense of themselves and having to define a new me with time. Maybe it’s just early days, but I feel as much myself as ever. And this comes as a huge relief.

I’m curious about this new phase of life and how it will suit me. Of walks with a pram, play groups, meeting other new mums and the like.

And showing Erik the world, bit by bit.