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The grandparents have returned home (after providing 5 star hotel service), the husband has started back at work, the euphoric feeling of coming home with a newborn is slowly fading away and I’m left holding the baby so to speak.

Erik and I are trying to carve ourselves a daily routine, so that I can brace myself for the question which inevitably comes from all sides ‚what have you done today?‘ And a routine – albeit hindered by erratic sleeping and eating habits – is slowly being established. Mornings reserved for the bureaucratic and household tasks, singing nursery rhymes and hopping on the scales of the midwife and afternoons for getting used to steering the new set of wheels around our neighbourhood, grocery shopping, catching up on missed sleep and a long a walk as Erik’s stomach can manage.

And baking. Maternity leave – perhaps combined with the nesting instinct, perhaps combined with my need to display something concrete as a productive yield from the day –  has provided the optimal preconditions to establish the beginnings of a sort of fondness for baking. I say this in a very reticent manner, because I don’t bake. In the past few weeks however, I have baked more than in my lifetime put together. And I’ll admit that it is fun. And that it’s a nice feeling to watch people enjoy eating the cake you have baked.

And browsing Pinterest. If you’re going to be a home-maker for a while, Pinterest is your gold mine. Endless list of recipes, ideas for home improvements, crafting projects for the nursery (which still does not look much like a nursery) – all at the tip of your fingertips and perfectly possible during the hours of breastfeeding.

For the time being, we seem to have a relaxed baby on our hands. I’m planning to make the most of it while it lasts.