There’s a part of me that envies people who live in the countryside. People who wake up to a view over fields and hills, with the sound of a stream flowing through the village, whose children play in sleepy neighborhoods and who can open their door to nature’s peace.

I wonder if I will want that for myself some day.

For now, the diversity, vibrancy and creativity of city life is something I wouldn’t give up so easily.

photo (86)And what could be better than a  design market on an island in the middle of the river Isar, complete with a city beach and the sort of hipster crowd you only ever find in big cities to remind you of the joys of city life?

photo (85)After sipping a coffee in the sun on Munich’s Prater island, we wandered through the halls of stalls from small independent designers displaying furniture, jewellery, t-shirts and the like. In the air the smell of street food accompanied by the sound of lazy beats.

photo (82)
photo (83)