What a dramatic night in the UK. Though I wasn’t able to follow events on BBC TV like many, my little one kept me up for enough of the night to keep up via twitter.

I’m admittedly in political limbo. Not being able to vote in the country I live and pay tax in and not really being directly affected by the results of the country I do vote in.

But I wonder what the next government will really look like. My experience in Germany has taught me that coalition talks can be dififficult and can take a long time. Much longer than I ever thought possible.

As so many of my doctor friends in the UK, I wonder what the NHS will look like. Will it start to look more like the German health care system? With many more privatized elements, much more independence for hospitals and a decentralised service provision?

I wonder what the UK borders will look like. As I start to identify myself more and more with Europe, I wonder if the UK will be in it at all in a few years. Perhaps my little one will see some advantage of having a British passport in addition to his German one after all.