Foto (29)I wrote about all the things I missed about the UK after a year long absence. And like a whirlwind, 4 wonderful weeks of summer days in England flew by.

In that time I relished all sorts of great British culinary highlights: fish and chips, several rounds of cream tea in quaint tearooms, picnics made up of pork pies and scotch eggs, a fresh corned beef sandwich at a coastal cafe, an afternoon sipping Pimms with friends and bacon sandwiches on a rainy afternoon.

Most of these cravings were I suspect more to do with the comforting feeling of being at home than a genuine love of, for example, pork pies.

Foto (28)

Equally, I found some time to travel, with wonderful day trips exploring the Cotswolds, countryside walks in the midlands and even a brief stop-over in the only so slightly rainy Somerset. This gave me a chance to take in the English countryside with a sense of appreciation which only comes upon moving away. Or perhaps upon growing up. Or a mixture of both.

Above all though, I had the chance to meet with friends and the newest, cutest members of their young families. And I got to spend a proper amount of time with my own family. And those are the memories I will cherish the most from one of the most special summers of my life.