I know so little of America and its people first-hand, that I can hardly explain why this election result has affected me so much. 

But the feminist blood in me (and it wasn’t clear to me just how much was flowing until now) is boiling. How can a man make so many despicable comments against women and yet be crowned with the highest office? How can women themselves have so little respect and care for their own value and bring themselves to vote for such a man of their own free will?

I know in my heart that the everyday person on the street, in the shops, the patients I care for, the wide range of people I work with are not racist. Sometimes ill-informed. Sometimes laughably naive.  But never truly bigoted or awful.
Without the right leadership, I fear that these slightly ill-informed and naive people may find a more hateful voice. 

The victory yesterday brings with it a sense of hopelessness. And I don’t quite yet know what I can actively do about it. But it is more and more clear, that if I want my son to have such a happy life as mine, and all the chances that I have had, there is a lot of caring, speaking up and fighting to be done.