ladiesSomeone once told me that you are either an animal person or a flower person. I know which camp I am in. Maybe it is because I come from a land where it is normal for women to adorn their hair with fresh jasmine buds for no reason whatsoever. I can’t profess to be an expert on floriculture, and asking me to even name a few of my favourite flowers could get a little tricky. I do know that the cut flowers I like look wild, colourful, delicate, and as though they have just been plucked from a garden.

Which brings me to the inspiration for the new name for my blog. I’m a scientist. I’m obliged to be surrounded by text books, rather ugly black folders of paperwork and weekly specialist literature which is sadly diametrically oposite to the stylish world of art and design. Here in this blog , I hope to have a mixture of these things. Interesting facts from my daily medical world as well as all the less serious, aesthetically pleasing and well, flowery things in life.