The annual Christmas British Medical Journal (BMJ) is a showcase for the quirky and appealing British sense of humour, highlighting that doctors can be funny too. This year, a pseudo-study documenting the alcohol consumption of James Bond – as calculated in units by the authors after meticulously reading all 14 James Bond books – has made the rounds from ‚Die Welt‘ in Germany to ‚USA today‘ and even ‚Vanity Fair‘. Something the authors must be rather pleased about.

With an average weekly alcohol consumption of  up to 92 units a week, James Bond lies a bit higher than the recommended maximum 21 units a week for an adult male or no more than 4 units in one evening. The tongue-in-cheek article explains the various health-related complications arising from the over-consumption of alcohol, including liver disease and liver cirrhosis, depression, malignancies, high blood pressure and sexual dysfunction.

Most social drinkers probably don’t count their drinks on a night out or keep track of their alcohol consumption on a weekly basis in the same way that say, calories are subconsciously counted. But perhaps we should be doing it more. The line between safe use and abuse is easy to underestimate. Here’s a round up of alcohol guidelines as a little reminder and a ‚fun‘ way to check that you are still in control. Or if you prefer, after the New Year’s Eve celebrations.