Somehow the name rang a bell. I was delighted today to find out that the co-author of the Christmas BMJ article abut James Bond and his dangerous level of alcohol consumption is a fellow alumni of The University of Birmingham.

I was happy to be in contact  again with Graham Johnson today and find out how he was feeling. Somewhat bedazzled from radio interviews and press releases and more than a little surprised at the media spin and subsequent global reach of what was just a bit of Christmas fun. The BMJ is after all a medical magazine with a moderate impact factor, more or less for British doctors. Once a year though, the Christmas addition offers a few pieces of less serious stuff which embrace the Christmas spirit of fun. That the authors would be asked for interviews by ITV, the BBC and Al-Jazeera was definitely not to be expected.

As a regular stage performer at various medical school variety performances through the years, it doesn’t surprise me that Graham Johnson was behind this idea. It definitely represents British humour at its best. A humour which I miss on occasion living in Germany. Well done Graham Johnson and co!