72311_622092564494318_975588264_nAbsolutely delighted to be nominated for a blog award!  Facts&Flowers is up for running in the category ‚best journal‘ in the annual ‚Die Goldenen Blogger 2013‘. What began as a tentative and secretive start to blogging on Tumblr in the heat of summer, has grown into a rewarding and fully fledged hobby as the eventful year now comes to an end.

I’m still very much a newbie, which is why this nomination has surprised me. Hoping to drop into Elementarteilchen – which is one of my favourite second-hand shops in Düsseldorf anyway and a must-visit for any girl interested in vintage clothing – where the awards ceremony is taking place tonight. Anyone who wants to vote, can do so during the live stream of the event from 20:15. I’m looking forward to being introduced to lots more blogs and hopefully interacting with a blogger or two. And although I don’t expect to walk away with an award, it’s seldom that I come away from a visit to Elementarteilchen completely empty-handed.