A fun evening of voting, tweeting and making a few new friends in the blogging community at my first blogging event, ‚Die Blogger 2013‘. Facts&Flowers was soundly beaten by the worthy winner ‚Demenz für Änfänger‘ (Dementia for Beginners). A beautifully written blog exploring the experiences of author Zora de Brunner with her grandmother Paula who suffers from dementia.

Having almost chosen elderly care as a medical speciality, I have always had an interest in the affirmaties of the elderly. All clinical experience aside though, I remember what an impression Martin Suter’s book ‚Small World‘, made on me when I read it some years ago. A novel which chronicles the slow demise of the protagonist into his ever-shrinking demented world. Around the same time, my old hairdresser’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. With each quarterly update, his condition rapidly deteriorated, but the incredible love and esteem with which she and her  family cared for him as well as the brave and practical way in which they confronted his illness, was nothing short of remarkable.

Millions of people suffer from dementia worldwide, and millions of spouses, relatives and friends spend time caring for someone with dementia. It’s definitely a condition worth talking about.

Here are a couple of pictures from the night at Elementarteilchen in Flingern, Düsseldorf: