Today feels like a special day. It’s election day in Germany. Although, as a non-German resident however, I obviously don’t get to vote. It’s been a funny lead up to the day. The usual bill boards with headshots of politicians, one lacklustre national debate and a strange feeling of non-excitement. But still no-one can really predict how it will turn out. Probably because no-one really seems to know how to vote.
The most outrageous thing to happen until now is that Peer Steinbrück, the candidate for the Social Democratic Party, willingly allowed himself to be photographed a week or so ago sticking up his middle finger, when asked what he had to say to his critics. The German word for this gesture – ‘Stinkefinger’ – is particularly amusing. Safe to say, this would be unlikely to happen in British politics. But political correctness is something the Germans don’t often get too fussed about. Which at times can be shocking and at times oddly refreshing.
Happy voting my German friends. For my part, this was probably the last weekend to sit outside on a pavement cafe, drinking coffee lazily on a Saturday morning, the last Aperol Spritz of the season and most definitely the start of autumn.   image