I’m currently reading a very interesting and enjoyable book by Daniel Rettig which explores this very question- ‚Die guten alten Zeiten: Warum Nostalgie uns glücklich macht‘ (The good old times: Why nostalgia makes us happy‘ – not yet available in English, but perhaps in the future). From Homer’s Odyssey, through to the curious experiments and case reports of doctors and psychologists over the centuries to our present day love of all things vintage – Rettig explains why nostalgia is so important to us.

Hearing this wonderfully original cover and remix of 2 early nineties pop hits* on the way home after a night shift this morning made me more than a little bit nostalgic. For a time of sleep-over parties with friends you thought you would have forever, putting together dance routines in the playground, making daisy-chains and playing rounders and line-tag on the school field. And guess what, these thoughts made me happy. I’m looking forward to finishing the book to find out why this is the case.

In the mean time, if you’re a nineties kid and would like some nostalgia of your own, listen to Bastille ‚Of the night‘. A hit in the charts in the UK for a few weeks already and surely on its way up in the German pop charts. Enjoy.

*Rhythm is a dancer(Snap, 1992) /Rhythm of the night (Corona, 1993)