As the majority of medical doctors, I spend most of the day away from the internet. Perhaps occasionally to look up a drug interaction or search through guidelines, but work time is sleep time for social media. The life of a doctor is surprisingly un-high-tech and unconnected.

All the more of a surprise to find – after the usual daily ward round, x-ray meeting and weekly tumour board – that my post about life in Germany should be retweetet, shared and liked by so many of you. For a non-media type, this is probably as close to ‚going viral‘ as I will ever come to.

Like a lot of people who write a personal blog, I have no work to share, no skill or product to sell and no need to make a name for myself (this would indeed be better done by investing time into research papers). But it’s a funny and ever so slightly exhilarating feeling to know that so many people have read the text and perhaps had a chuckle. And I have to admit, seeing this did make me jump with excitement: