The German word for supper is ‚Abendbrot‘. It’s a fitting word because the literal translation is ‚evening bread‘ and actually, most Germans do eat a cold supper of bread accompanied most often by cold meats and cheese. Watching the way many of my friends here smear their bread with a 2cm layer of butter followed by a generous slice of cheese or two on a daily basis, does make me cringe and worry a bit about their cholesterol.

Growing up, I was always told to eat everything I like while I am still young.  As a 30-something, I am starting to wonder if this adage still actually applies to 30-somthing year-olds. At some point, it’s going to be time to start thinking about cholesterol levels, blood pressure and start doing some risk stratefication. But the question is when?

Well, national guidelines recommend the following for those at low risk:

Blood pressure checks starting from the age of 20 every 2 years.

Lipid screening blood tests  for men  starting from the age of 35  and for women from the age of 45 every 5 years.

Hmm. Apparently 30-something cannot be considered as young. And as for eating everything you like, perhaps it’s time to think again on the way to your doctor’s appointment…