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For the past few years, I have encouraged every friend who has made a long trip to a far-flung land to write a blog sharing their experiences. There is nothing better than living vicariously through the travel blogs of others. After egging everyone else on in this way to share their stories, I finally decided to share my own too. Even if they sadly do not arise from a round-the-world saga. For now anyway. The advantage of writing about everyday life though, is that it imparts a heightened sense of appreciation for just that – everyday life. And just how wonderful it can be.

Having said that, a friend recently back in Europe after spending 18 months in Africa summed things up with the following casual comment. Although the trip as a whole had obviously made a big impression on him, it was the small things that he found himself remembering  –  like children playing with a piece of wood on the street and laughing rather than sitting with an iPhone. And as I sit here, once again in front of a computer, it is hard to argue with that. And I wonder what my friends and acquaintances in Peru, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia – to think of just a few – are doing right now.