Psychologists always seem to spend their time thinking up ways to answer the really interesting questions in life. According to a piece of research from the University of Rochester published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, there’s an easy way to keep your marriage alive: just go to the cinema regularly.

Watching 5 films a month (preferably a romantic comedy) reduced the divorce rate from 24% to 11% in the first 3 years in the 174 couples studied. Discussing the films seen together was part of the package and in this way was said to provide a sort of couple-therapy in itself.

Going to the cinema is a century old activity and refuses to die despite the fact that we can watch most of the films we want from the comfort of our homes for a fraction of the price. The feel-good factor provided by a cinema trip however remains unbeatable: arguing over which film to watch, discussing whether to buy salted or sweet popcorn or if eating an ice-cream is really a good idea and holding hands like teenagers in the darkened hall whilst escaping to another world for a little while.

The divorce rates in this study are worrysome enough, but the message of the importance of joint activities and communicating with one another is worth taking home. And if this is as simple as a cinema trip. Why not?