As the second month of the year hurtles to a close and Spring nudges around the corner, there seems to be one question: how do you stop time flying? One answer may be to do things which are memorable. Things your mind can hold on to. This is easier on holiday, but it should be something to aspire to all the time.

This week I had some free time and collected many impressions for my mind to hang on to. But was reminded of something else; there are few feelings comparable to that of kicking off a heavy pair of walking boots at the end of a day’s walking and the aching muscles which tend to follow the morning after.

wpid-IMG_20140222_144233.jpgLess then 30 minutes from Munich lies the beautiful lake Starnberg. Isn’t this just the perfect spot to stop and think? A few hours strolling along its shores made us wish we could just keep going.

Another area of quiet can be found even closer to the centre of Munich. Arriving by tram to a neighbourhood in the west of Munich does not prepare you for the beautiful grounds at ‚Schloss Nymphenburg‘, a summer residence for royals.

We marvelled at the romance of the swans greeting us on our arrival  – at their pristine white feathers and wondered if it’s true that they mate for life.


We skipped the tour of the Schloss itself, but were rewarded with a huge garden to ramble through.  Joggers, dog-walkers and happy tourists on a quiet weekday morning.



Day 1 back at work, and I am still benefiting from the fresh air, the rays of sunshine and the many impressive images both from nature those man-made. And the memory that for a few days at least, time didn’t fly.