Apparently lots of Germans suffer from a thing called ‚Frühjahrsmüdigkeit‚, or quite literally spring tiredness. Google it and major German newspapers offer tips on how to combat the dreaded  ‚Frühjahrsmüdigkeit‚ (more sport, lighter meals, power naps and cold showers apparently).  I’ve done a literature search and found two serious articles about it – all be it both in the German language and sadly both without an available abstract. I scratch my head to think what the equivalent of this complaint would be in English. How can the sweet arrival of spring be put to blame for lethargy and fatigue?  Surely ‚spring fever‚ refers to returned energy after the dark winter days, a renewed giddiness for life and the possibility of all things new and wonderful?

I don’t get it. But for those of you who suffer from this dreadful condition, I recommend a walk in the park, outdoor dining, stopping and staring at everything that is in bloom, eating an ice-cream or two and maybe buying yourself some daffodils.