Years after my (now) husband explained to me what a blog is, years after I thought it was just a pastime for computer geeks, I am starting my own. After passively consuming and enjoying the blogs of others, I’ve decided to contribute to the vast blogosphere.

What will you find here? Things I like, things that interest me, things I notice. What do I like? I like mornings where there is time to drink more than one cup of tea, I like running – especially in unknown places, I like hearing words in foreign languages – strangers on the train, the table next door in a cafe – and cities which can offer that, I love lung medicine and may talk about it once in a while, I love jumping into open water (preferably unsalted) whenever I get the chance, I love evenings with candles and red wine, I like long walks and wish I went on them more often, I like writing letters and reading paperback novels, I love cities surrounded by mountains, I like buying myself flowers.  

I’m excited to join the blog world. Let me know what you think!